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A Cutting-Edge Tool for Tracking and Verification of Responsibly Produced timber and biomass
Alternative energies for public engines, machines and vehicles in municipal building yards
circular BIOmass CAScade to 100%
Circular Textiles, from fast fashion to slow clothing with pride and glamour
e-maintenance and support of Offshore green hydrogen production
Eco-efficiency improvements in FArm systems to REduce livestock emissions
ECO-friendly water disinfection
Impact via insight in sustainable office supplies
Industrialising Energy Neutral Renovations
Legolisation of bridges
NaTour - North Sea partnerships in Nature Tourism
New Project Idea : Water Solvable - Eco-innovations for water resilient businesses and their supply chains
Piecing Together the Circular System for Housing – developing regional market and supply chains for the reuse of materials and elements in housing
Remote Offshore Hydrolysis
Run (WASP) Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion real life trials; show proven concepts; market adoption of WASP; greening sea transport. (WASP-s).
Scale up SMART GRID innovations
SlowFarm: eco-innovation for new products and services in rural areas
VB Project Idea - Assessment of innovative anticorrosive and antifouling coatings for the maritime sector
VB Project Idea: Vapour Recovery and Emission Control; Paving the way to a 0% emission in VOC transport
Zero Carbon Energy Systems

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