Legolisation of bridges

Project Title
Legolisation of bridges
Priority 2 Eco-innovation: Stimulating the green economy
Lead Beneficiary
Province of North-Holland
Contact Person First Name
Contact Person Last Name
van de Werdt
Houtplein 33
P.O. Box
Postal Code
2012 DE
+3123 514 3126
Central Aim

The aim is to improve the building of bridges in regard to quality and sustainability, while at the same time decreasing both the costs and duration of the building- and maintaining process of these bridges.

Project Description

Governments within the North Sea Region are collectively faced with a large replacement and renewing tasks of their infrastructural works. Especially for bridges this requires an immense amount of resources on development in years to come. These projects are still all tailor made by bridge building governmental organisations. We would like to build bridges with standardised elements with respect to interface, function and dimensions: Legolised bridges. By cooperating our efforts in Legolisation of bridges we can boost the scale needed to make bridge building much more effective. This results in less use of resources and less time to build ànd maintain these bridges. This in turn vastly improves availability of the infrastructure, while at the same time making these bridges more adaptive, renewable and reusable.

Envisaged Output

Movable bridges will be built confection instead of tailor made. This will make movable bridge building a leader in legolisation. It will make the bridges better, more cost efficient, easier to maintain, built in less time and more sustainable. For each element a factor 2 is envisaged.

Bridges might look similarly, underneath they will be much more efficient.

What is the need for this project?
Thematic Keywords
Carbon reduction
Energy efficiency
Industrial design
Promoting green economic activity
Reduce carbon emissions
Sustainable resource use
Other Keywords
Legolisation, circulair, flexible, re-use, building blocks
Partners Found Already

several Local (dutch) governmental organisations

Partners Searched

Universities and other knowledge institutes (civil, electro/mechanical and organisational)

Engineering and/or building companies

Architectural offices

Bridge building governmental organisations

Estimated Budget

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