Increasing Competitiveness Of the Security Sector (by Secure, Safe and Sustainable Security Solutions)

Project Title
Increasing Competitiveness Of the Security Sector (by Secure, Safe and Sustainable Security Solutions)
Priority 1 Thinking Growth: Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies
Lead Beneficiary
AG Port of Oostende
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Slijkensesteenweg 2
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+32 59 34 07 11
Central Aim

ICoSS aims to stimulate the NSR security&safety industry’s growth/competitiveness, esp. in the logistics sector. Its objective is to bridge the innovation gap in new threats markets by introducing/testing/validating novel technologies in logistics areas acting as permanent fieldlabs via a transnational cluster based approach. This will lead to worldwide marketable new products/solutions that increase the level of security of NSR transported goods/operations/logistical infrastructures

Project Description


The NSR security companies & technology providers (i.e. Supply Side - SS) as well as logistic zones (i.e. Demand Side - DS) -including dryports, seaports and terminals- experience collective problems requiring collaborative approaches:

  • need for SS to overcome innovation gaps caused by high entry barriers, disparities and a lack of international collaboration and integration;
  • need for DS to have smarter infrastructure, create scale advantages and cost-effective solutions against new criminal threats affecting the whole society (e.g. cargo theft, transport of high valued goods, smuggling of people, etc).



  • clustering transnational SS, DS, knowledge institutions and their stakeholders, i.e. customers/users with inherent skills, expertise and experiences, and;
  • utilising the logist core players (ports/terminals) as transnational Smart Permanent Innovation Field labs (SPIF),

ICoSS will enhance innovation performance of security industry enterprises in the NSR. It will achieve that specifically by:

  • jointly improving existing security tools, infrastructures and processes in order to detect anomalies (intelligent fences, sound sensors, etc) in SPIFs and jointly finding the most suitable novel technological solutions to address the failures;
  • testing the application of new materials that ensure the security of goods and logistical infrastructures. User-friendly apps can be developed in order to facilitate a smooth dissemination.
Envisaged Output

The project will lead to:

  • at least 6 SPIF as pilots in ports and logistics zones throughout the NSR used by 6 or more newly formed SS clusters of minimal 3 enterprises out of 3 regions of the territory;
  • development and investments in one digital open source logistics platform´s apps
  • at least 6 new technologies and/or measures applicable as apps to the platform.

Both the platform and the apps will be extrapolatable and marketable to other sectors and regions.

What is the need for this project?

The business cost of terrorism and criminality and well as the high potential for enhanced competitiveness of the security industry critical infrastructure protection market represent a big opportunity for the ICOSS clustered SS and DS to improve the security of the NSR whilst simultaneously increasing the growth of the security sector and its enterprises.

Thematic Keywords
Digitalisation of services
Growth and jobs
Innovation capacity building
Innovation demand stimulation
Smart specialization
Stimulating innovation
Other Keywords
ports, logistics, security
Partners Found Already

Port of Moerdijk

Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety and Security

Innovation Center for Security (INNOS)

Partners Searched

logistics centres, (sea/dry) ports, terminal operators,  technological institutes specialised in product development in safety and security, technology providers

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