VB Project Idea: Enhancing Communities Digital Ability to Engage Using Service Design

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VB Project Idea: Enhancing Communities Digital Ability to Engage Using Service Design
Priority 1 Thinking Growth: Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies
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Dundee City Council
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United Kingdom
Central Aim

The central goal of the project is to help our communities to digitally engage more with their local public services and to have digital at the heart of the community. Radically redevelop our website to vastly improve usability, communication and tracking of service requests. Redesigning all services we provide using service design principles and excellent examples from partners to deliver outstanding service which meets our citizens needs and not just ours.

Project Description

Dundee City Council are embarking on a channel shift programme of work which will focus on providing a better platform for citizen online through enhanced digital services and an online portal.

Before any council services can be put online, it is essential that all processes are reviewed, streamlined, enhanced and improved to remove inefficiencies, waste and reduce processing times for the benefit of all.

To help aid this process and ensure that the citizens get the most out of the channel shift programme, the first step is to review the Councils services and the processes behind them.

This sub-project, now know as the CLANS Project, will focus on using service design principles and methodologies to understand in detail:

- The services the Council provide

- What the citizens want from them

- How service design can be used to enhance these processes

- How we can use service design in the future to build new services

Dundee has recently been awarded the accolade of being a UNESCO City of Design, an achievement which Dundee is incredibly proud of and with new developments such as the V&A currently under construction and the internationally recognised Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee's design legacy is set to get stronger and stronger.

While this focus and development on traditional design is clear within Dundee, Dundee City Council are keen to look at design from a service perspective and tap into the City of Design around us. So far, we have had opportunities to dip our toes into service design thanks to the college of design and some local design companies, however we would currently be described as enthusiastic novices within the field of service design.

Dundee City Council through the CLANS Project is passionate about collaborating and working with European partners to understand and share best practice learnings in the use of design to develop and enhance public services, alongside how we can learn to embrace our communities further and empower them to become more engaged with the Council and the services we offer.

Dundee and Scotland have, in themselves, a strong and unique culture and outlook on what we do which will no doubt be quite different to other European countries and cities, a culture, outlook and enthusiasm we are very keen to share with anyone who wishes to partner with us through the CLANS Project.

Envisaged Output

- Design is embraced as an everyday tool, not an abstract concept
- The city of Dundee works regularly and closely with European regions on best practice
- Service design becomes essential in service redesign
- Putting the citizen at the heart of everything we do
- Building stronger communities, both domestic and international
- Strengthen prospects for designers to work with a wider range of local businesses
- Build relationships that extend beyond just local authority and include design agencies, educational institutes, charities
- Embrace digital delivery of services
- Build a network of Smart Cities, with focus on Smart Communities
- Citizen empowerment
- More efficient and better services/products for citizens

What is the need for this project?

The project aims are focused on empowering communities to engage more with their local authorities through enhanced digital engagement opportunities, all of which have been designed with service design principles and the citizen and community at its heart.

This focus on designing services for the end user and not for corporate need and on empowering citizens to take control of what they want and need out of their community, this will build stronger relationships between local authorities and their citizens but also build stronger communities which can lead their own areas and build back a passion for it.

Thematic Keywords
Digitalisation of services
Innovation capacity building
Innovation demand stimulation
Innovative public service delivery
New products and services
Place-based approaches
Smart specialization
Societal challenges
Stimulating innovation
Other Keywords
channel shift, service design, community, smart technology, digital engagement
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