VB Project Idea: Promotion of cargo bikes - dynamic market introduction

Project Title
VB Project Idea: Promotion of cargo bikes - dynamic market introduction
Working title: CABI - DYNAMIC
Priority 4 Promoting green transport and mobility
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+49 160 5912787
Central Aim

The objective of this project is to reduce car traffic and CO2 emissions and to improve the quality of life in cities around the North Sea by transforming them from car spaces into people spaces.

Project Description

Cargo bikes are a great alternative to cars when it comes to goods transport or children transport. However, they have not yet really been taken on in the cities. There are a number of reasons, among them high purchase costs, parking difficulties or simply lack of knowledge about the possibilities. We want this to change, we want to promote the use of cargo bikes in cities, make them more visible and overcome some of the barriers for their use.

There is an abundance of possibilities what cities can do to prepare the grounds. The common denominator in this project will be the joint evaluation for an exchange of experience, for collecting good practice which can then be spread into the entire North Sea Region and beyond. With the two cycle pioneer countries Denmark and the Netherlands being part of the programme area, we are going to use a fair amount of existing experience and take it one step further.

Envisaged Output

Creating a market for cargo bikes - through inducing offer through various measures which will entail a rise in demand and so forth. Suitable cargo bike parking and a system for sharing those bikes (instead of buying one) are important issues in this context.

Through sound evaluation we are going to identify good practice to be transferred to other cities and municipalities within the North Sea Region.

What is the need for this project?

Urban transport is dominated by cars and delivery vans. Parents are taking their little children to kindergarten by car, last mile deliveries are being operated by huge lorries. The traffic (flowing and parking) that this creates is a safety, economic and health problem. Most of these trips can be done using a cargo bike with a number of advantages: it is a healthy and safe way to move, it reduces the costs for transport and creates livable cities.

Thematic Keywords
Emissions reduction
Healthy mobility
Last mile
Living Laboratory
Other Keywords
Cycling, Mobility management, Personal transport
Partners Found Already
  • team red
  • Calllock
  • Fietsdiensten.nl
  • City of Malmö
  • City of Deinze


  • University of Aberdeen
  • City of Osnabrück
Partners Searched
  • Lead partner
  • Public authorities (cities, municipalities)
  • Kindergartens
  • Organisation for the elderly
  • Housing companies
  • Logistics companies and distributors
  • Industry partners, i.e. cargo bike manufacturers
  • (Professional) cargo bike users
Estimated Budget

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