Adapting to Climate Change in North Sea Region: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Port Infrastructure

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Adapting to Climate Change in North Sea Region: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Port Infrastructure
Priority 3 Sustainable North Sea Region: Protecting against climate change and preserving the environment
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World Maritime University / International Maritime Organisation
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Fiskehamnsgatan 1, 21118 Malmo, Sweden
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SE 20124
Central Aim

The main objective behind RVAPI is to contextualise climate risks at each North Sea Port with the view to provide information that will assist decision makers in prioritising climate adaptation initiatives. More importantly, RVAPI aims at raising awareness on the need to build port infrastructure climate resilience by highlighting the cost (consequences) of non adaptation to each port and to the regional economy at large.

Project Description

With more than 80% of the world trabe being seaborne, the development and maintenance of maritime transportation infrastructure has increasingly become a key enabler and catalyst for the competitiveness and development of any regional economy. Climate change has however brought new risks to the maritime industry in general and to seaports in particular. This is mainly due to the fact that seaports are located on coasts that are susceptible to climate variations. RVAPI approach is as follows:

  • Develop climate risk scenarios for each identified port in North Sea Region based on field investigations, interviews with takeholders and available data. 
  • Identify scenarios presenting high vulnerabilities to ports through a methodology by elimination
  • Provide recommendations to decision makers in respect to port adaptation priorities. 

There is a wide recognition that adaptations initiatives in the industry are often compromised due to the constant trade off between costs and solutions. The proposed ACCNSR / RVAPI approach focusses on addressing the trade off challenge by highliting scenarios in terms priorities with the view to assist decision makers with allocation of resources where they are mostly required.

Envisaged Output

. North Sea Port Classification in relation to climate risks

. North Sea Port Vulveranility Assessment report

. List of Proirity scenarios requiring adaptation

What is the need for this project?

The nature of the maritime industry is in such a way that it has substantial multiplier effect on the wider regional economy. However, climate change has however brought new risks to the industry with devastating consequences on regional economy. For this reason, the building of port infrasructure resilience has therefore become compelling, in order to maintain an healthy regional economy. Moreover the constant trade off between costs and solutions neccessitates the need to highlight priorities. This is what ACCNSR / RVAPI is proposing to achieve.

Thematic Keywords
Adaptation and resilience
Climate change
Stakeholder involvement
Sustainable environmental management
Other Keywords
Priorities, Decision makers, adaptation, port infrastructure
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