Road to Zero-Emission Ferries

Project Title
Road to Zero-Emission Ferries
Priority 4 Promoting green transport and mobility
Lead Beneficiary
Municipality of Amsterdam
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Weesperstraat 430
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1018 DN
Central Aim

Accelerating the transition to zero-emission transport for ferries by developing and testing a decision-tree (from idea to implementation) through pilots. 

Project Description

Many initiatives to implement zero-emission ferries have been delayed and have not been completed, with some successful pilots in Norway, Denmark and Sweden as exceptions. Closer cooperation and knowledge transfer in a structured way between successful and aspiring projects is crucial and necessary to realise a long-lasting impact in the sector.

The project exists of two simultaneous processes: 

  1. A research-design-lobby-testing-evaluation process through which a standardized decision-tree for initiatives of zero-emission ferries is build. This decision-tree, applicable throughout the North Sea Region, is aimed to assist initiatives in a.choosing ferry-design, b. building a business-case and finding financial support, c. cooperation with (inter)national regulatory and approval institutions - the major barriers of current initiatives of zero-emission ferries.
  2. 5-6 pilots, in which ferry operators and directly linked local governments realise the investment of zero-emission ferries. These pilots will be used as test-cases for the developing decision-tree in process 1. The selected pilots will have a relevant variation, making the sample relevant for the majority of the North Sea Region.

Envisaged Output

The basic project-output is the standardized decision-tree and 5-6 operating zero-emission ferries.

The broader output is a viable network of shipping companies, local and national governments, zero-emission ferry operators. This network aims to be visible to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Lloyds and international initiatives like Task 38 (IEA).

This well-connected network, strengthened by the decision-tree, will aim for structural impact in accelerating the transition to zero-emission ferries. New initiatives for zero-emission will be directed towards this network.

What is the need for this project?

The delaying of many zero-emission ferry-initiatives is visible throughout the North Sea Region and the rest of Europe. The original enthusiasm for the transition in this sector, seems to be fading. A public-private cooperation in the Netherlands, purely organized to accelerate zero-emission ferry-initiatives in the Netherlands, has concluded that a decision-tree and additional financial resources are crucial missing links for further steps. The lead partner of this project-initiative is a member of this Dutch cooperation.

Thematic Keywords
Alternative fuels
Emissions reduction
Living Laboratory
Public transport
Other Keywords
Ferries, Zero-Emission, Public-Private Cooperation, Electric, Hydrogen/Fuel Cell
Partners Found Already

Municipalities and ferry-operators in the Netherlands, network-organisation in Denmark.

Partners Searched

zero-emission ferry initiatives in the North Sea Region outside of the Netherlands. (Inter)national regulatory and approval institutions. Industry representatives.

Estimated Budget

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