Project Title
Priority 4 Promoting green transport and mobility
Lead Beneficiary
Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP
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Otto-Eissfeldt-Strasse 12
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Halle (Saale)
+49 345 5589 5500
Central Aim

Photovoltaic (PV) generated power has become one of the lowest cost energy sources. Solar energy is available everywhere. Thus it is suitable for electricity production where it is needed. PV can be used for to support electricity supply on board, propelling hybrid or electric ships and shore-to-ship power all three reduce fuel consumption and emission. This project aims at exploring PV intergration in ISO containers twist locks from technical, electrical and logistical point of view.

Project Description

The project makes use of the standardized in container shipping both. ISO containers simplify transport due to standardized size and standardized corner casting and twist lock allow for simple mounting configurations. This project aums at development of a PV system for standardized mounting on containers requiring:
AP1 Development a standardized PV system to fit to ISO-Container mountings allows for fast and simple
PV system installation for container ships

AP2 Electrical interconnection and connection to board electronics

AP3 Logistics for storing, loading and unloading these systems must be developed

AP1 Development of standardized PV system

ISO container sizes are standardized
* 20‘: L=6.058m, B=2.438m
* 40‘: L=12.192m, B=2.438m
Possible module configurations
* 20‘: 3x2x 60-cell modules, 1,98 kWp @ 330Wp/module (current best in class standard)
* 40‘: 7x2x 60-cell modules, 4,62 kWp @ 330Wp/module (current best in class standard)
PV mounting on containers use a standard steel frame as
used for the container itself
* 2 racks of 3 or 7 modules can be used for 20‘ and 40‘
containers respectively
* The racks can be horizontal for storage and tilted by 10°
when in operation
* Standardized electrical connections – optimized string or
module level power optimizer per container
Integration of battery storage must be explored

AP2 Electrical interconnection

The PV-Systems should come with PV modules, power optimizers or MPP trackers and inverters to allowing simple wiring on board the ship with standard AC power wiring.

The research project explores opportunities for electrical system integration. It must be identified how to interconnect the systems on each container and how to connect the system to the ships electrical circuits.

AP3 Logisitics

Very importantly logistics solutions must be investigated on how to store, connect and load the PV systmes to the ships answering following questions:

How and where can PV-Systems developed in 1. be stored on shore?
How and when are the PV-Systems mounted to the top containers on a ship? On shore or on the ship?

Envisaged Output

The project will develop and test solutions for a PV system. Within the project a PV sytem will be produced and tested in operation on board a ship. The energy yield will be measured and the application is optimized.

What is the need for this project?

Combined knowledge of photovoltaics, electronics and shipping logistics.

Thematic Keywords
Alternative fuels
Emissions reduction
Ports and shipping
Other Keywords
Photovoltaic, containers, electric propulsion, cold-ironing
Partners Found Already

Fraunhofer CSP, ECN Netherlands (both photovoltaics)

Partners Searched

Ships electronics, shipping logistics, harbors

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