Hydrogen Ports North Sea

Project Title
Hydrogen Ports North Sea
H2Ports North Sea
Priority 4 Promoting green transport and mobility
Lead Beneficiary
Province of Groningen
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Public Transport and Smart Mobility
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9700 AP
+31 621844271
Central Aim

Emissions from shipping and ports are a major problem especially in ports near cities and major centres of population.  The aim of this project is to reduce pollution and noise through the introduction of  green hydrogen as a zero emission fuel for vessels and for port infrastructure.  The port infrastructure would include forklifts, cranes and lifts etc. The introduction of fuel cell technology could have a major effect on pollution particularly NOX and particulates as well reducing CO2 levels.

Project Description

The project would develop port infrastructure measures such as bunkering and green hydrogen production so that hydrogen fuel cell ships and ferries can operate successfully.  Working with a variety of different size ports across the North Sea Region, the project will design, develop and take vessels to the procurement stage; introduce new port infrastructure for hydrogen vessels and trial fuel cells in forklifts, cranes,  lifts and other equipment needed in the port infrastructure. 

Envisaged Output

Outputs would include the design of at least one hydrogen fuel cell or hybrid vessel; the introduction of port infrastructure to allow fuel cell vessels to operate effectively; testing of port ecosystem equipment such as cranes, forklifts and lifts against traditional and other Alternative Fuels.

What is the need for this project?

The North Sea Region is one of the areas with the highest ship densities in the world.  It is also an Emission Control Area and Alternative Fuels like hydrogen need to be introduced to reduce pollution in ports near large centres of population.

Thematic Keywords
Alternative fuels
Freight transport
Ports and shipping
Other Keywords
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Partners Found Already

Province of Groningen, Netherlands; Saga Fjordbase, Norway and Flora Municipality, Norway

Partners Searched

Ports, shipping lines, universities, and local authorities in the North Sea Region

Estimated Budget
6 million EUR

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