ECO-friendly water disinfection

Project Title
ECO-friendly water disinfection
Priority 2 Eco-innovation: Stimulating the green economy
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Central Aim

The overall project objective is to reduce/eliminate the application of hazardous substances at water cleaning processes in order to increase health and improve the environmental condition.

Project Description

Detailed objectives could be:

  • Detailed analysis of the boundary conditions for the development and use of the WASADI technology with the focus on the North Sea region
  • Development of a usable and adaptable WASDI technology
  • Demonstration (e.g. test runs using prototype)
  • Evaluation
  • Derivation of guidelines for companies and public entities
Envisaged Output

Technology and method for the practical use of the WASADI technology in the North Sea region including evaluations and guidelines for the private and public sector.

What is the need for this project?

Clean water is resource number one. There is a lot of water on the planet earth in the North Sea Region. It has to be cleaned before use. State of the art technologies for cleaning water have the following disadvantages: some technologies are using electrolysis with saltwater solutions to generate chlorine for water disinfecting, which is less efficient than chlorine dioxide. Other processes are using hazardous substances like sodium chloride and acids to generate chlorine dioxide in a reactor with high pressure and concentrations (danger of explosion).

 EZN develops the unique WASADI (WAter Salt Air DIsinfection) process, a new clean technology for producing aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions. The environmentally friendly WASADI process produces chlorine dioxide solutions using only water, salt and air – without any further chemicals. It can be used for disinfecting water, water pipes, water tanks (e.g. on buildings and ships), cooling towers etc.

Thematic Keywords
Reduce carbon emissions
Sustainable resource use
Take up of new technologies
Other Keywords
water, treatment, salt, air, CO2, reduction, green, environment
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