Health in transition

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Health in transition
Priority 1 Thinking Growth: Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies
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Amsterdam Economic Board
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The Netherlands
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Central Aim

New service and poduct design for integrated health and care

Project Description

Current situation

There is a difference between healthcare technology and services for healthcare institutes and for people living at home. The life expectancy of people is rising and to keep the costs of healthcare under control governments are stimulating people to live independently as long as possible.

This means the gap between the technology and services available in extra- and intramural settings needs to be closed and the business model of health care institutes has to be reviewed.

Project focus

In this project our international consortium will focus on two challenges in regard to the above mentioned situation. First of all we want to integrate professional and personal healthcare systems in one platform. Suppliers are invited to connect their systems to a platform creating one healthcare infrastructure for an entire city or even a country.

The second challenge is the positive business case of the healthcare institute. Typically, healthcare institutes are located in the center of their community. The healthcare organisations participating in the project will investigate how they can reorganise their services in order  to provide services to both the surrounding community of people living in their own homes and the people within the institute ('living labs'). This way they can compensate for the downturn of institutionalized services and design a sustainable business model in collaboration with other partners.

For all this to be done succesfully, we shall put the needs of the individual (citizen, patient, client, user, caregiver) in the center of our thinking and co-create solutions with all partners (concerned.

Envisaged Output

TBD (new and interantonally competitive products, services, businesses; collaborative R&D and deployment projects, new jobs)

High level output:

Better quality of life at lower costs

Sustainable healthcare system, combining a social and economic business case

Economic growth through open innovation, and no fixed IP

What is the need for this project?

Governments are stimulating people to live independently at home as long as possible to control rising healthcare costs and promote self management and particiaption within its ageing populations. 

Healthcare institutes are facing unsustainable business models; health and care workers need to adopt new competences and skills.

Our ageing populations and our communities need solutions to self manage; take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Thematic Keywords
Digitalisation of services
Innovative public service delivery
New products and services
Place-based approaches
Societal challenges
Other Keywords
health and care
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